Bruce Rauner is trying to do something about Hate Crimes and AntiSemitism

Bruce Rauner is trying to Combat Hate Crimes and Antisemitism by boosting the investigation, prosecuting hate crimes through stronger laws, and better education. After viewing reports of  more hate crimes and Antisemitism (Racism, Jews, etc.) Nationwide. Rauner witnessed and wrote a memo to the officials about the Antisemitic Vandalism he witnessed at Chicago’s Loop Synagogue a gunshot fired through a classroom window of an Indiana Synagogue and a lot of threats called into the  Jewish Community centers around the country.He plans on increasing penalties for hate crimes that involves vandalism against house of worship and religious centers.He will offer standardized hate crime training to state and local law enforcement.He want to develop online education materials  to supplement state-required teaching about the Holocaust and genocide to elementary and high schools. I feel that is great but more stronger laws should be added, maybe longer sentence and also something should also be done about students who try hate crimes at the school. That is Good News that Rauner took in consideration do prepare a plan like that. For more information go to this link: