Bio: Linda Rivers is from Illinois. Where she reside with Family. She is A Dialysis Technician form Davita. She attends the Spiritual Israel Church and It’s Army and is a Volunteer Nurse as well as the Choir Director. She attends Illinois Media for Broadcasting.

After graduating from Future Commons High school, Linda attended Malcolm X   College for Renal Technician, Where she graduated as a Technician and been a Technician for 14 years. She use to be into Dance Groups and one landed her a chance to perform in the Bud Biliken  Parade. She received two certificate awards from Davita Dialysis for following Davita’s  Role. She was Staying in Springfield, Illinois and tried to start her own Transportation Company but because jobs was short there she bought her house in the Suburbs not to far from her Chicago residence.

Linda Rivers pray to start a name in Broadcasting. Make her church stay Important during any process. She hope to be inspirational and informative during this process. She will be an Entrepreneur. Keep bringing information, stay positive, reach a few people, and change a few people.myblogpic