The Up and Coming Black History

Today I want to discuss the new and coming person who made black history now until this day. We lacking black history but there are still Blacks making  history. We learn about black from before but it is good and positive for us to still know the who is still carrying on history and leading. Plus it’s nice for everyone to discuss up and coming history.

For example you have Jasmine Twitty who was the youngest Black Judge two years ago at the age of 25 years ago. She from South Carolina and was treasurer of upstate. She is the up and coming for 2015. There’s nothing wrong with history back then. But just want to discuss70,’s, 80’s,90’s, and 00’s history. It can be someone close to you or someone you know. Like My Israel Brother made history the  youngest black State Representative, 21 years old and serve for Inster Michigan.He is Up and coming Black History! Remember Good News Live!



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