My name is Linda Rivers and Welcome to my page. I’m supporting Good News, Positivity, Ways to help with different situation. We can talk about Entertainers, Athletes, Actors/Actress, Career Workers, Entrepreneurs, Ministers, Youth, and your every day    people dealing with Positivity. Whether it’s Music, Art, Dancing, Food, Travel, Shopping,   Fashion, Working out, Education, Health and Natural Products.                                                               I also have Inspirational quotes and poetry. We can also believe in discussing positive family issues. Remember Good News Live!

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This is about Linda Rivers who is from the Southside of Chicago around 40th and Langley. She grew up in church, she is the Nurse and Choir Director at The Spiritual Israel Church and it’s Army. She enjoy her family. She went to Albert Einstein Elementary School and then Future Commons. She Then started her family with her 17 year old daughter. Then she enroll into Malcolm X College and received her certificate in Nephrology and Renal Practitioner Program. Then she became a Renal Technician.

Linda Rivers been a Technician for 15 years. She got married in 2009 and then later had her other 3 children. She been with Davita Dialysis for 7 years as a Renal Technician. She resided in Springfield in 2014 and two years later moved and bought a house in the South Suburbs one of  her goals. After going to Robert Morris College for a little then she enrolled into Illinois Media School to Study Broadcasting and Complete the 9month program.

While Linda Rivers was going through her Broadcasting program she got a chance to meet other successful people in Broadcasting, Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Promoters, Podcasters, Voice Overs, Tour Studios, and was taught by Famous Successful Broadcasters and different Era of the art. She then graduated from Broadcasting 8/04/2017. She Intern with Koolout Radio 1690 WVON and Plus Size Pretty Radio Que4 Radio.

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